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Towndrow Audio


Hey guys, so I just got my new website up and running. I would be eternally thankful if you took the time to check it out and reblog it! Thanks!  


Finally got this up and running again! :)

Selling some stuff on eBay


Hye guys, I’m selling a few things on eBay.

  • A Tippmann 98 Custom paintball marker with tons of upgrades and extra gear
  • A never used Smart Parts Ion paintball marker w/ Dynasty body and a bonus barrel 
  • An Ashdown MAG 414T 4x10 Bass Cab. barely used, gigged with once and is in perfect condition.

Things havent been so great in my family lately so I need to let some of these things go. Please reblog or check them out if your interested. Thanks!!

Ashdown bass cab up for grabs!

For for today’s track, I remixed and remastered my band’s cover of I Cant Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch), originally by The Four Tops. This was a school project where we had to compose and produce a cover of a Motown track, and this was our interpretation. The mixing process was rushed and I was never 100% happy, so I figured tonight I’d play around with it.

There’s also a free download on the Soundcloud page. Enjoy! 


Here’s a playlist of the 6 latest tracks! All in one convenient place for your listen pleasure. Help me out by reblogging! 

More tracks to come every Tuesday! For more, check out www.towndrowaudio.com

my new little toy to bring on the road with me :)

my new little toy to bring on the road with me :)

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The 6 new tracks that I’ve posted this week can now be heard together on my website. Check it out if you haven’t already! www.towndrowaudio.com (in “Compositions”)


The 6 new tracks that I’ve posted this week can now be heard together on my website. Check it out if you haven’t already! www.towndrowaudio.com (in “Compositions”)

"Track A Day" to "Track A Week"!

A quick update on the project I started this week on New Years:

My original plan for this project was to do my best to create and release one 2 minute track per day. But, being a week in, I’m realizing that I don’t really want to rush these tracks and put out something that is incomplete. It’ll take away from the music and creative process.

So with that being said, I’m going to change this project into a weekly thing. Maybe sometimes I will post more than one, but with this extended project deadline I’m giving myself I feel I will put out better results. I decided to do this earlier in the week, but I at least wanted to start off strong and release a track a day for the first week. 

So from now on, I’ll post one track every week.

Towndrow Audio’s “Track A Week Tuesdays”

These tracks will also be posted on my website (www.towndrowaudio.com), and from there you can also sign up to my monthly newsletter where I’ll discuss projects I’m working on or news with my business.

Thank you for your support so far! Happy New Year, everyone!

-Mike Towndrow, Towndrow Audio

Track A Day: 7/7

Today’s track is the most unique, as in how it was created. This one is titled "Prerogative", and it was created completely using Garageband on an iPad. I don’t really consider this as a part of my official library, just because it was mostly “smart instruments”, but I figured I’d post it because I’m amazed (and terrified) of how easy it is to make a track on an iPad. I was playing around and this took about an hour. And it sounds great for what little I did! The catch is that creating tracks with these “smart instruments” that play chords for you and whatnot don’t stand out. But, it was fun to make and see what I can do with an iPad. Hopefully, Propellorhead releases Reason for iPad so I can do some real work with it. (fingers crossed!!)

Track A Day: 6/7

Yesterday’s track a tiny bit delayed! As I posted last night, I had some family issues interfere with me finishing up this track yesterday, so I got to put the finishing touches up on it this afternoon.

This track is titled "I’m Ready For Dream Time, Mr. B", named after the video game franchise Bioshock. This was based off a guitar riff of a song I wrote a few years ago. I found the demo the other day and wanted to totally rework it. The result was a dark, trance type of song. 

Sorry guys! Had to miss todays track due to some family issues. I’ll do my best to post 2 tomorrow!